Haystack Mountain Silos

One of the most exciting developments we have enjoyed in years is the addition of new grain silos at our production facilities.

These new silos from SUKUP will store 13,000 bushels each. Unlike the traditional flat-bottom bins we are used to seeing, these silos are “hopper bottom” bins. This feature allows us to easily drain each bin through an auger and completely empty each one before it is filled. It cuts down on labor, rodent and pest control and assures a cleaner product. It also means we eliminate the dangers of having someone inside cleaning the bottom of the silo.


By far the most exciting feature is that we now have a greater portion of our Prosper™ Forage Mixture components grown close to home. It cuts down on freight and handling charges. It also means that we personally inspect our parent crop fields. Most importantly, it means we support the local economy by contracting with local growers.