Annual Ryegrass

  • Used primarily for fast forage production
  • Great erosion control
  • Easy to establish
  • Excellent choice for broadcast inter-seeding into existing stands



Annual Ryegrass (Lolium perenne multiform) is used primarily for fast forage production or quick cover in erosion control plantings. Millions of acres are planted in annual ryegrass every year in the united states. It is easy to establish. It is quite similar to Perennial Ryegrass except it is an annual (or biennial depending on the climate and/or length of the growing season). It is widely adapted but thrives in dark, rich soils and mild climates. Owing to it’s shallow seeding depth and rapid establishment, annual ryegrass is an excellent choice for broadcast inter-seeding into existing stands. It is a fast and inexpensive way to temporarily boost the forage or grazing production on a stand. It also produces excellent hay as a stand-alone item.

Our annual ryegrass exhibits rapid establishment, improved seedling vigor, and tillering. It was selected for quick regrowth after cutting and high forage yields. Annual ryegrass is ideally suited for managed, intensive grazing operations and has shown to have excellent resistance to foliar diseases that can impact forage quality and persistence, such as rust and ryegrass blast. As a variety it demonstrates improved cold tolerance, improved rust tolerance, excellent seedling vigor, and quick establishment. It is high-yielding and is excellent for grazing with excellent digestibility.


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