Awnless Baldwin Barley

  • Tall, six-rowed, winter awnless barley
  • Excellent nutrition profile
  • Mix with awnless wheat or triticale
  • Planted earlier than October 15 to maintain awnless character


Baldwin barley was developed at the Utah Agricultural Experiment Station and released in 2014. Plant Variety Protection was sought in 2012 and later issued as PV 201200469. It is a tall, six-rowed, winter habit awnless barley. When planted as forage, it is usually mixed with an awnless wheat and an awnless triticale (wheat/rye cross).

Baldwin Barley must be planted by mid-October to maintain the awnless character. If it is planted later than October 15 a beard expression will emerge. This may also be the case if the plant is stressed during its development.

  • Fall planted
  • Must be irrigated
  • Forage feed
  • Intermountain region of U.S.
  • Awnless, making it easier for animals to eat
  • The forage has a high nutrition content when compared with wheat and triticale

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