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Eastern Utah has challenging growing conditions. When theres water there is too much of it and it comes all at once. When it’s dry, it’s bone dry. Winters are bitter cold, spring is plagued with harsh, driving winds. Summers are scorching hot and unrelenting. Soils are often plagued with salt, alkali, silt, gravel and a lack of nutrients.

Our Castle Country Pasture Mix represents years of experimentation and soil testing in Duchesne, Uintah, Carbon, Emery, Grand and San Juan counties. Castle Country Pasture Mix is formulated specifically for pastures in Eastern Utah with little irrigation. The species are bred to perform in the soil conditions common to that region.

For Eastern Utah Counties:

• Uintah
• Duchesne
• Carbon
• Emery
• Grand
• San Juan

Castle Country Pasture Mix includes:

•  Fawn Tall Fescue
•   Paiute Orchard grass
•   Potomac Orchardgrass
•   Extend Orchardgrass
•   Paddock Meadow Bromegrass
•   Lander Alfalfa

Recommended seeding rate per acre:

Broadcast: 20 lbs. per Acre
Drilled: 16 lbs. per Acre, 1/4” Deep max.


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