Crown Royal Orchardgrass



Crown Royale was bred primarily for quick re-growth and disease-free foliage. These characteristics make it an ideal choice for grazing or hay. It offers superior performance over a wide range of climates and latitudes. Crown Royale has demonstrated remarkable cold tolerance in Canada. It has also shown outstanding forage yield performance from the Northwest to the Southeast. It shows a maturity range similarto that of Pennlate and Latar. It boasts broad adaptability.


Crown Royal’s growth characteristics make it well-suited for spring to early summer pastures. Its abundant forage and quick regrowth make it an excellent choice for rotational grazing. Crown Royale provides quality forage for all classes of livestock. Fields should be grazed heavily and frequently during the ush growth of spring, taking care not to overgraze.


Crown Royale provides improved yields of high- quality forage when properly managed. Yields of up to 7 tons of dry matter/acre are possible when managed properly and with irrigation or on sub irrigated soils. Higher elevation areas experience a short growing season, and yields of up to 5 tons of dry matter per are more typical.

  • Forage Yield: Excellent
  • Forage Quality: Excellent
  • Maturity: Mid-Late
  • Persistence: Excellent
  • Palatability: Excellent
  • Growth Habit: Bunch
  • Drought Tolerance: Good
  • Moisture Tolerance: Good
  • Hay: Excellent
  • Silage: Excellent
  • Pasture: Excellent
  • Growth: Spring-Fall

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