Dryland Pasture Mix



Formulated specifically for pastures in Utah, the Great Basin and Intermountain West where no irrigation is present. It will perform on annual precipitation in most areas of the Great Basin down to 10”. It is very effective for reclamation of disturbed sites. No fillers, only top quality varieties that will perform!

For best results, sow in the fall. Spring plantings can be used with success, but fall offers the added benefits of dormancy, winter moisture and spring rains.

Our Dryland Pasture Mix contains the following:

•  Crested Wheatgrass, Hycrest or Nordan
•   Intermediate Wheatgrass, Oahe
•   Brome Grass
•   Orchardgrass, Paiute
•   Ladak or Lander Alfalfa
•   Small Burnet

Recommended seeding rate per acre:

Broadcast: 20 lbs. per Acre
Drilled: 16 lbs. per Acre. Drill NO DEEPER than 1/4” max!


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