Hallmark Orchardgrass

Superior yield
Late maturity
Stem Rust resistance
Great palatability
Perfect for alfalfa or clover mixes
Increased stand persistence
Excellent plant vigor
Responds to irrigation

Fertilization: Nitrogen should be applied in split applications during early spring and fall, and after first cutting. Adequate phosphorus and potassium are also necessary for top production.
Hay Cutting Schedule: First cutting in spring should be done before head emergence (Boot Stage). Later cuttings can be made at 4 to 6 week intervals, depending on conditions.
Grazing: Rotational grazing is preferred for best production, persistence and quality. Fields should be grazed heavily and frequently (every 10 to 12 days) during the rapid spring growth period, but overgrazing should be avoided. Leave a 3 to 4 inch stubble for quickest recovery. Extend mixes well with other species adapted to intensive grazing.

Livestock: Orchardgrass may be used for hay, pasture or silage. It is highly palatable to all classes of livestock. Orchardgrass is one of the best forage grasses for use in pastures and in combination with alfalfa or Red Clover for hay.

Erosion control: Because of its dense network of roots, Orchardgrass provides good erosion control on those soils to which it is particularly adapted.

Wildlife: Orchardgrass is used in grass-legume mixes for nesting, broad rearing, escape and winter cover for upland game birds and conservation plantings.




Extend Orchardgrass


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