Honeysuckle BMR

Honeysuckle Sorghum Sudangrass

Honeysuckle Sorghum Sudangrass


Honeysuckle BMR Sorghum Sudangrass
• Significant increase in digestibility
• Significant increase in palatablilty
• Significant increase in efficiency

Honeysuckle BMR sorghum sudangrass is high yielding and has 30-35% less lignin. Lignin is the primary limiting factor in forage fiber digestion. BMR stands for “Brown Mid Rib”.

With Honeysuckle BMR an average of 19% increase in feed value can be expected over conventionals. You can count on 300 BMR to provide excellent hay quality, heavy pasturing, superb drought tolerance and all of the brown mid rib traits. Daily gains for beef and milk production are increased significantly with 300 BMR. Harvest at 40”-50” height (early boot stage) or begin grazing at 24” for the best yield and nutritional quality.


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