Latar Orchardgrass



Latar Orchardgrass is a late maturing, hay-type orchardgrass. It blooms and matures seed on average of 10-14 days later than commercial varieties. Leaves are abundant, broad, well distributed and noticeably light green. It is vigorous and high in vegetative production. Seed production is good. It is lowest among seven orchardgrass varieties in lignin content and significantly higher in digestibility. Despite market competition with a myriad of new “improved” varieties, Latar continues to thrive as an excellent late maturing, hay-type forage production orchard grass. Latar is not as winter hearty as other varieties.

Latar Orchardgrass is an excellent choice for blending with Alfalfa. Because of it’s later maturity date, it will not “head-out” before your alfalfa is ready to cut. Latar is better than other varieties in conservation seedings where perennial legume-grass mixtures are used in soil improving crop rotations or for hay, pasture, or silage.

Selected by Pullman PMC, USDA-NRCS, released by USDA-SCS, Washington State University Agricultural Experiment Station, Idaho Agricultural Experiment Station, 1957. Latar was originally introduced from the Institute of Plant Industry, Leningrad, Russia by the Westover-Enlow expedition in 1934


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