Salt & Alkali Pasture Mix



Salt & Alkali Pasture Mix:

Saline, sodic and alkali soils present challenges for farmers, ranchers and landowners. In an industry that is driven by maximum forage yield and tons-per-acre, the “badlands” on your farm or ranch frequently take a back seat because they are seemingly unproductive. Basic soils range from mildly alkaline, requiring little more that a variety selected for tolerance, to highly alkaline, at the point where very little will even germinate in the conditions, let alone produce forage. Valley bottoms, “sump” areas, margins of marshy and/or damp areas and desert valleys and lowlands commonly present with these challenging soil situations.

But there are a few species that will grow in salt and saline conditions and promise the return of at least something your livestock can eat. At the very least it can be used as transitional, rotational or seasonal pasture.

We offer a variety of seeds adapted to salty/alkaline conditions. While these soil conditions will never be ideal or produce forage and plant life equal to more hospitable soils, they do provide solutions that will produce some satisfactory results.

Soil tests and poor soils:

Our experience has taught us that the first step in determining which species to use on your plot is to pull a soil sample and send it to a certified soil laboratory. Soil labs will analyze the makeup of your soil and provide you with a chemical/mineral picture of your soil. It will also include information critical to the selection of appropriate plant species, soil preparation and conditioning methods like fertilizer and chemical recommendations. Once you have that information, you can select species that will survive within the pH conditions of your site.

We think you will appreciate the prompt, informative and courteous service from the folks at Stukenholtz Laboratory in Twin Falls, ID:

Stukenholtz Laboratory
2924 Addison Avenue, E
PO Box 353
Twin Falls, ID 83303-0353
(208) 734-3050  -or-  (800) 759-3050

The enclosed table will give you an idea some of the species available to you. Please contact our dealer nearest you for additional help and information.

SpeciesAlkali ToleranceSalt Tolerance
AC Saltlander Green WheatgrassHighHigh
Alkali SacatonHighHigh
Fixation Balansa CloverHighModerate
Tall WheatgrassHighHigh
Hercules Tall WheatgrassHighHigh
423 ST Salt Tolerant AlfalfaHighMild
Yellow SweetcloverHighMild
Strawberry CloverModerateMild
Alsike CloverModerate
Tall FescueModerateModerate
Perennial RyegrassModerateModerate
Basin WildryeModerateModerate
White Dutch CloverMild
Crested WheatgrassMildModerate
Smooth BromegrassMildMild
Intermediate WheatgrassMildModerate
Garrison FoxtailMildModerate
Slender WheatgrassMildModerate
Western WheatgrassMildModerate
Pubescent WheatgrassMildModerate
Russian WildryeMildHigh
Bottlebrush SquirreltailMildHigh
Inland SaltgrassHighHigh
Reed CanarygrassModerateModerate
Streambank WheatgrassMildModerate
Thick spike WheatgrassMildModerate

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