Haymaster Orchardgrass

  • Late maturity
  • Ideal for alfalfa or clover mixes
  • Superior yield
  • Improved stand persistence
  • High palatability
  • Excellent seedling and plant vigor
  • Stem Rust resistance
  • Quick recovery after cutting

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Haymaster Orchardgrass is a new, late maturing (approximately 5 days later than Pennlate) orchardgrass with excellent yield potential. Haymaster can be used for hay, silage and pasture and is ideal for alfalfa or clover mixes. Haymaster Orchardgrass has excellent disease resistance, high yield potential, great forage quality, quick recovery after cutting and drought tolerance makes it the premier orchardgrass.

Management Suggestions

Fertilizer (pure stand): Fertilize according to soil test recommendations, but in general, nitrogen should be applied in split
applications during early spring and fall and after 1st cutting. Adequate phosphorus and potassium are also necessary for top production.

Cutting Schedule

First cutting in spring should be done before head emergence (Boot Stage), later cuttings can be made at 4-6 week intervals depending on conditions.


Rotational grazing is preferred for best production, persistence and quality. Fields should be grazed heavily and frequently (every 10-12 days) during the rapid spring growth period but overgrazing should be avoided. Leave a 3-4 inch stubble for quick recovery.

Performance Data – Forage Yield

Summarized over years and locations
(Total tons dry matter / acre)

Entry Loc./Yrs. %Mean
Haymaster 25 100.4
Pennlate 23 99.2
Potomac 23 98.4
Pizza 13 97.7
Satin 7 94.1
Kay 13 92.4

Performance Data – Forage Quality

Entry No. of Cuts %CP %Mean RFV Mean
Haymaster 8 15.4 104 100 105
Pennlate 8 14.9 100 95 100

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