Irrigated Pasture Mix

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We have been selling Irrigated Pasture Mix for over 30 years. During that time we have learned what works and where it works. Our Irrigated Pasture Mix combines an early and late maturing variety of Orchardgrass. This will yield best results for summer cuttings AND pasture/grazing in the fall.

Formulated specifically for Utah and the Intermountain West. Use for large pasture or small fields, pivot corners or isolated sections that need coverage and forage yield. Under proper irrigation our pasture mix can easily be cut then used for pasture in the fall and winter.

There are no “filler” species added to reduce the price of our pasture mix.  We formulate with an eye on yields and production value…not price point. That said, our premium mixes cost only slightly more than “economy” mixes.  Our Irrigated Pasture mix is popular among farmers, ranchers and ranchette/home owners. Effective at driving out most weeds.

Our Premium Irrigated Pasture Mix contains the following:

•  Orchardgrass, Crown Royal (Late Maturing)
•  Orchardgrass, Potomac (Early Maturing)
•  Tall Fescue, Maximize Forage Type
•  Perennial Ryegrass, Tetraploid Forage Type
•  Meadow Bromegrass, Cache

 Recommended seeding rate per acre:

Broadcast 20 lbs. per Acre
Drill 16 lbs. per Acre, 1/4” Deep max.


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