Motley Triticale

  • Facultative
  • Beardless
  • Abundant, large leaves
  • Heavy Tillering
  • Short but high-yielding
  • Reduced risk of lodging
  • Excellent forage value



Motley brand triticale is a Haystack Mountain exclusive variety released in partnership with TriCal. It was released to growers in 2022 after 5 years in trials. We are excited to offer Motley brand triticale to our growers and customers for its high yield, deep green forage. Motley has the following traits:

  • Beardless: Motley triticale is completely beardless, a very attractive attribute for those who bail and feed. Beard can cause respiratory and mouth problems in livestock, and beardless varieties eliminate that threat.
  • Faculatative: Motley can be sown in the spring or fall, making it highly versatile.
  • Reduced Risk of Lodging: In our trials Motley was about 6″ shorter that comparative varieties like Gunner, Flex 719, and FX 1001 but it yields higher tonnage due to its abundant, green leaves. Shorter, stronger stems means less exposure to wind and a reduced risk of lodging.
  • Abundant Leaves: Motley had one to two more leaves per stem than comparable triticale in our trial, resulting in high tonnage. Leaves are broad and deep green – a terrific source of quality forage.
  • High Tillering: 9-12 tillers are common, we have observed up to 15 in our fields. More tillers = more stems, more stems = more leaves!

PVP Variety. Unauthorized propagation prohibited.


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