Lander Alfalfa



Lander alfalfa is our flagship alfalfa. It features:

  • First U.S. alfalfa variety to have resistance to brown root rot
  • Bred in the west for western hay producers
  • Adapted for use under irrigation or dryland
  • Excellent resistance to broad temperature fluctuations
  • Persists in high wind
  • Resistance to stem nematode

Lander alfalfa has risen in popularity like no alfalfa we have ever sold. PERIOD. Of particular appeal is that it excels in both dryland and irrigated situations. It has established a strong hold in central, southern and eastern Utah where it exceeds expectations in challenging soil conditions, high winds and temperature extremes. For it’s leafy, nutrient-rich dark green foliage it is a favorite of cubing facilities and forage producers.

Lander is the first alfalfa to be specifically developed for resistance to brown root rot (BRR) in the United States.  BRR has been identified in numerous locations across the northern United States and Canada where it is often an unrecognized component of winterkill.  Lander was developed by the University of Wyoming from alfalfa plants selected after surviving seven years of Wyoming winters in soils with natural infestations of BRR.  Lander has performed well in the Montana and Wyoming alfalfa variety trials under irrigated and dryland conditions, has excellent winter survival and is resistant to stem nematodes plus Verticillium Wilt.

Our Lander brand alfalfa comes standard with high quality, reusable “old time” cotton bags. Superior packaging for a superior product!

Fall Dormancy : 3.5
Winter Survival: Excellent


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