Frosty Berseem Clover


Frosty Berseem clover, Trifolium alexandrinum, is a cool-season annual legume that is native to the Mediterranean region. For millennia, it has been the foundation for agriculture in the Nile Delta, featuring salt tolerance, high nitrogen fixation, and a synergistic relationship to alfalfa . Frosty, while preserving its Mediterranean genetics, has been bred for later maturity, cold tolerance, productivity, and  nutritional value.

There are two types of Berseem Clover, single-cut and multi-cut.  Single-cut varieties, like Balady, are quick to show growth and go to seed giving a narrow window for harvest. Multi-cut varieties, like Frosty, are capable of delivering multiple harvests in a single season.

Berseem clover has very low hard seed counts, allowing for quick establishment and lessening its potential to become a weed.

Is it Alfalfa?

No, it’s not. Berseem clover is often mistaken for alfalfa, which brings us to one of it’s key benefits. Recent studies have shown that an 80/20 alfalfa/berseem clover mix could increase yield, crude protein, and water soluble carbohydrate levels in hay fields. When overseeded into declining or winterkilled stands of alfalfa, Hay yields were reported to be increased by more than 30%.

Frosty berseem clover is an excellent companion to your alfalfa crop. Its aggressive growth and low hard seed count helps it to establish quickly, filling in bare spots and areas of alfalfa that have winter killed. Frosty dries down just like alfalfa, maintaining its green color and increasing the forage value of the hay or crop. When planted with a new alfalfa stand it will result in first-cutting yields equal to subsequent cuttings.

Frosty prefers slightly alkaline loam and silty soils with a pH of 6+

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