Surge Triticale

  • Awnless (beardless)
  • Facultative triticale
  • Late maturity
  • High seed yield
  • High silage yield
  • Good silage quality



TriCal Surge Triticale is facultative, used in the spring for the Northern US  and the winter for mid-latitude US. Bred to be a spring triticale but is shows good winter hardiness and is used as a winter crop through Idaho, Nevada, Kansas, etc.

Completely awnless, excellent grazing and tonnage potential. Stands well and grows very aggressively in the first 30-60 days. Good for silage, grazing and hay. Surge triticale is a high-performance, high production triticale. As a result, it is traditionally more expensive than other varieties, such as FX 1001 or Flex 719.

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