141 Triticale

• Excellent spring forage crop. It is similar to the standout TriCal 2700 but without the beards.
• Much more versatile than other spring forage triticale
• Boot Stage hay or silage
• Soft Dough Stage Hay or Silage
• Nurse Crop to new seeding alfalfa
• Blend with Forage Peas for Hay or Silage
• Summer planted in blend with winter TriCal triticale for enhanced fall grazing



TriCal 141 is a SPRING awnletted forage triticale with very high yield capabilities. 141 grows vigorously as a seedling until the third or fourth teller and then enters a stall phase of five to eight days before resuming very rapid stem elongation and vegetative growth and adapts well as a nurse crop for alfalfa. TriCal 141 maintains leaf growth much further up the stem than other spring triticale varieties.


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